Improving metabolism. Honey massage and phyto steam barrel


Honey has a truly unique composition and the same unique nutritional properties. It contains vitamins, sugar, macro- and microelements, which have a beneficial effect on all surface structures of the body.Honey for massage also serves as a sorbent, pulling themselves out of the interstitial fluid, and subcutaneous fat accumulates there toxic substances, or as they are commonly called, slag. Due to this we have another exclusive effect of honey massage — cleansing effect on the body. This property allows the use of honey massage for weight loss in conjunction with other measures aimed at combating obesity.Paro phyto-barrel helps to relieve the load from the neuromuscular system and to the whole body, boosts immunity.As a result, procedures exposure occurs as separate bodies, and the intracellular level of man. Paro-Phyto Barrel — an excellent tool for the prevention of respiratory diseases.With regular admission procedures shown pronounced anti-aging effect.

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